Konica Minolta toob turule Dispatcher Paragon Cloud hübriidmudeli

| 21 september 2022

Meil on hea meel jagada, et Dispatcher Paragon Cloud on nüüd saadaval ka hübriidmudelina. Soovite oma prindihalduse pilve viia!

By moving print infrastructure and management to the cloud with Dispatcher Paragon Cloud, customers can significantly reduce their IT costs and total cost of ownership for print services, improve data and document security, and reduce the burden on their IT departments.
In order to meet individual customer needs, Konica Minolta has decided to offer Dispatcher Paragon Cloud in two options: pure cloud model and hybrid model, with the latter now also available. The hybrid model is the ideal solution for organisations whose data policy is that no data should leave the local corporate network, but who still want to benefit from the numerous advantages that print management in the cloud brings.
With the hybrid model an edge device is interposed between the print devices and the server, linking the print devices to the cloud. This device controls the print jobs and only sends the metadata to the cloud for reporting purposes, but not the print data itself, which remains local.
Since only the metadata is transmitted, this leads to lower network bandwidth consumption and print jobs can be sent to the cloud and processed faster. This makes the hybrid model particularly suitable for organisations in locations with unstable internet access.
As with the pure cloud model, full data encryption is also guaranteed with the hybrid model and, as with the pure cloud model, customers can also move their print management to the cloud in a few minutes, with installation taking a maximum of 15 minutes - a big advantage compared to an on-premise solution, which can sometimes take days.
The Dispatcher Paragon Cloud hybrid model is available now.