Konica Minolta wins Good Design Award 2020 for three designs

| 16 oktoober 2020

Konica Minolta, Inc. (Konica Minolta) is pleased to announce that the company has been awarded the Good Design Award 2020 by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) for the following three designs: - A3 colour multifunction device "bizhub C650i / C550i / C450i" - Digital printing system "AccurioPress C14000 / C12000" - Nursing care facility communication service "HitomeQ Connect"

bizhub C650i/C550i/C450i, A3 colour MFP series

The next-generation “bizhub i series” A3 colour MFPs are designed to help corporate users achieve digital transformation and access IT services easily. The series is characterised by its operation panel, which features a new easy-to-use and intuitive user interface design and enhanced cloud connectivity and IT security. These MFPs enable users, even those without specialised IT knowledge, to easily access advanced IT services, and support companies to reform work styles and effectively use IT services.

Feature of the design

This series serves as an important touchpoint for accessing various high-end office services, and supports versatile workstyles with its outstanding customizability and expandability. The sophisticated design helps to build lasting customer confidence in the brand of Konica Minolta.

Comments from Screening Committee of JDP

This series of high-end MFPs is characterised by Konica Minolta’s unique “INFO-Palette” design, a vertical white section on the machine body that symbolises its role as a touchpoint for various office services, which adds to the brand value across the series. With its independent applications, selectable operation screen displays, and customisable user interface, this series can meet a wide range of user needs.


AccurioPress C14000/C12000, digital colour printing systems

AccurioPress series boasts unparalleled efficiency in high-volume printing with: the ability to print 140 A4 sheets per minute at 2400 dpi; the industry’s first automatic pre-print adjustment and print quality inspection functions; and media sensor that lets users know the optimal print settings. These innovations enable printing companies to not only minimise wasted time but also hire operators from diverse backgrounds without special skills.

Feature of the design

The sophisticated design is befitting for these flagship models, which ensures the high performance and quality required for professional printing and motivates users to expand their print business.

Comments from Screening Committee of JDP

These systems are characterised by the accent lines that go with the horizontal line of the machine top cover equipped with the paper feed and delivery units, which gives a sense of uniformity, and by the exterior design that matches the appearance of the company’s conventional models. Inside, toner bottles are arranged vertically and large handles are provided, reducing the workload for users. While incorporating automation technology that boosts quality and productivity, these systems only occupy the same footprint as their predecessors. The higher print quality, faster printing speed, less manual intervention and greater ease of use also enhance the efficiency, quality and quantity of commercial printing.


HitomeQ Connect, communication service for care facilities

This service is designed to assist communication between care facilities and residents’ family members. The facilities can send care reports, photos, videos and messages to families, who can view them via LINE, one of the most popular social network services in Japan, on their smartphones at any time and anywhere, and can reply to messages or ask questions if necessary. This service allows care facilities to easily share even minor information about the residents with their family members, thus making communication smoother and building trust.

Feature of the design

This service is designed to enable care facilities and residents’ family members to easily share the situation of facility residents without using special devices, and to deepen cooperative relationships between them.

Comments from Screening Committee of JDP

Design can help key social issues, in this case, the problem of elderly care. This service tackles the sensitive issues of how family members can keep in touch with their older relatives. Good communication of personal and health data is handled in a neat and easy-to-use manner, it works both for healthcare professionals, patients in care and family members.


About Good Design Award

The Good Design Award is a comprehensive design commendation program implemented by the JDP with a view to highlighting and commending outstanding designs around us in the pursuit of prosperous lives and industrial and social development.

This program has a history spanning approximately 60 years since its implementation in 1957 by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (present-day Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) under the name, Good Design Selection System, which was more widely known as the G Mark System.