Flexible contract change policyFlexible contract change policy

Flexible contract change policy

We understand that sometimes circumstances may change and you may need to change the terms of the contract or even terminate the contract. As well as offering a wide range of high quality Konica Minolta printers, we also offer extremely flexible contract terms.

Flexible contract changes and conditions

Change your selected package for free1. Change your selected package for free
You can terminate the contract for a small fee2. You can terminate the contract for a small fee
If needed, we will offer an individual package3. If needed, we will offer an individual package
After signing the Konica Minolta printer rental contract with the RelaxRate package, you have the option to change your chosen package for free at any time and, if necessary, terminate it for a small fee. We understand our customers' needs, so our proposed terms are highly flexible.
  • If you've rented a printer with the RelaxRate package and find that the selected package doesn't meet your printing needs, you can change it at any time by signing an addendum to the existing contract. The new RelaxRate package will take effect from the following month.
  • If, after using the service for at least 12 months, you decide to terminate the contract, you can return the printer at any time by informing us three months in advance. If the contract is terminated before its scheduled end date, the deposit equivalent to two months' rental is non-refundable. If the contract is terminated in less than 12 months, the customer will incur additional equipment return costs.

No long-term commitments

When you sign a printer rental contract with Konica Minolta RelaxRate, package changes are free, and the cancellation fee is low. Therefore, if you need to terminate the contract, you won't incur a significant financial burden. Our flexible contract change and termination policy provide you with the freedom and flexibility to adapt to changing printing needs. If you have any questions about our printer rental contracts or the policy for changing or terminating contracts, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team.
Printer rental with RelaxRate

Printer rental with RelaxRate

When renting a printer with RelaxRate, you not only get a printer but also numerous benefits. You won't have to worry about ordering printer toners, technical maintenance, or repairs. We will take care of everything for you, and it won't cost you anything extra.
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