Payment & Delivery

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Delivery is free for all our products.

Printer rental with RelaxRate:

When you order a printer with the RelaxRate package, we will deliver the equipment directly to your chosen location. This service includes the delivery, unpacking, and installation of the device. Our Konica Minolta customer service team will contact you to arrange a suitable delivery date and time.

The service includes:

  • Printer configuration at our center.
  • Coordination of the delivery date.
  • Delivery to the installation location.
  • Unpacking and assembly of the printer.
  • Connection to your network.
  • Packaging removal and disposal.

For products purchased without the RelaxRate package:

The service includes:

  • Delivery to your specified location.
  • Order confirmation within 3-5 days of order confirmation.



When you order printers or other products through our online store, you will receive an invoice for payment of the goods upon order confirmation. The products will be shipped upon receipt of payment.

When you order printer rental with the RelaxRate package, you will receive a document indicating the deposit to be paid for the rented printer. The deposit amount is equal to two months' rental fee.

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